According to wikipedia, In 2011, Kapoor officially announced she is returning to movies in Vikram Bhatt's next, a 3D film titled Dangerous Ishhq. Her performance received mixed reviews. Komal Nahta commented: "Karisma Kapoor who makes a comeback is profiled in almost every possible manner and given almost every range of acting in this film. Directors notice please! So you have the age-defying mother of two in real life, hopping around in big heals, is eternally decked up with proper make-up and hair romancing, weeping, gun-totting, turning Punjabi, Rajasthani and even Islamic all with stressful accents throughout the film". Times of india commented, "After long, Karisma Kapoor is reincarnated onscreen. Between panic-struck moments and over dramatic emotions, in almost every frame, she seems stuck in the 90s. There are moments of brief intensity where she performs well, but nothing that jumpstarts us back to life".
Kapoor was set to be feature in the remake of Satte Pe Satta opposite Sanjay Dutt which is now shelved.


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